The Treasure Cove TC-1018 pro metal detector is loaded with customizable features that budding, and experienced treasure hunters will surely love. It is easy to operate and portable, ensuring hours of enjoyable treasure hunting.



The Treasure Cove TC-1018 metal detector’s waterproof design (7.5-inch water proof search coil) enables you to detect a US quarter at depths up to 8 inches when in ALL METAL mode under most soil conditions.



The informative analog display screen enables you to know the composition of a detected object and its depth. With this, you don’t have to guess if you hit the jackpot while using our fast action metal detector.



The TC-1018 fast action metal detector comes with three selectable features. The “All Metal Mode” detects any metal object underground. “Pinpoint Mode” will make the detector very sensitive to the proximity of metal and will make a constant tone, which will get louder and clearer the closer you get to the target. “Discrimination Mode” on the other hand can distinguish between precious metals and junk metals.



Treasure Cove is so confident in the quality of our metal detectors that we offer an industry leading LIFETIME warranty on the TC-1018 Fast Action Sand & Surf metal detector. Use your product with confidence knowing that your purchase is protected.


Fast Action Sand & Surf TC-1018 Metal Detector

SKU: TC-1018

    Industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Must register your product within 30 days of purchase.


    To qualify, Please register for warranty coverage within 30 days after purchase.


    • Lifetime warranty : Treasure Cove is so confident in the quality of this detector it comes with the protection of an industry-leading lifetime warranty
    • Waterproof search coil allows you to hunt in water or in muddy conditions (control box is not waterproof)
    • Search coil measures 7.5 inches
    • Self-tuning feature. Just turn it on and go!
    • Three operating modes include Pinpointer, Discrimination, and All Metal
    • Pinpointer Mode means no need for a handheld pin-pointer
    • Automatic ground balance for easy reliable use, helps compensate for areas where there are abundant minerals or salt water
    • Differentiates between junk metals and precious metals with motion discrimination
    • Audio feedback tells you when you have found something when you are not looking at the viewmeter. Use the built-in speakers, or if you prefer use a pair of headphones, or earbuds
    • Analog view-meter is easy-to-read and understand
    • Adjustable length shaft extends from 23 to 34.5 inches for optimal comfort regardless of your height
    • Made of sturdy but lightweight aluminum and thermoplastic resin (high impact)
    • Weighs an incredibly light 1.5 pounds
    • Black and green finish
    • Runs on two 9-volt batteries
    • Unit dismantles for more convenient transport

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