The Treasure Cove TC-3050 digital deluxe is like a pro metal detector for the everyday user and utilizes the next generation in metal detection technology, thanks to its customizable features that make it ideal for budding and experienced treasure hunters. It is easy to operate and portable, ensuring hours of enjoyable treasure hunting.



With the self-tuning feature, all you need to do is to turn the unit on and you're ready to go!



Display screen that provides valuable information about the composition of a detected object and its depth. No more second guessing if you hit the jackpot with this professional feature of our digital metal detector



The Treasure Cove TC-3050 pro metal detector allows you to specifically target iron, steel, silver or gold. Using its "Notch Mode" allows the operator to selectively ignore certain types of objects and metals, or just use "All Metal Mode" to detect any metal object underground. "Target Mode" on the other hand pinpoints the exact location of an object to within inches.



Treasure Cove is so confident in the quality of our metal detectors that we offer an industry leading lifetime warranty on the TC-3050 Digital Deluxe metal detector kit. Use your product with confidence knowing that your purchase is protected.



Get the Treasure Cove TC-3050 now and you will also get a sand sifting scoop, a durable carrying bag, and headset. The headset helps you eliminating distracting noises so that you can focus on your hunting adventure.

Fast Action Digital Deluxe TC-3050 Metal Detector Set

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    Industry leading Lifetime Warranty. Must register your product within 30 days of purchase.


    To qualify, Please register for warranty coverage within 30 days after purchase.


    • Lifetime warranty : Treasure Cove is so confident in the quality of this detector it comes with the protection of an industry-leading lifetime warranty.
    • Next-gen technology, lighter-weight and easier-to-operate. explore the world
    • Digital numeric display indicates object depth and help you easily identify the detected objects metal type
    • 10-inch waterproof search coil, so you can hunt in shallow water or in muddy conditions
    • Can detect an object the size of a quarter buried up to about 9-inches
    • Real AUTO-TUNING -- no manual tuning required
    • Discrimination Mode: distinguishes iron/steel from silver/gold/nickel
    • Notch Mode: allows you to selectively detect OR ignore certain metal and object types that you choose
    • All Metal Mode: detector will alert the presence to all metals detected, regardless of metal-type
    • Adjustable-length aluminum shaft adjusts to your height
    • Arm-supporting handle for comfort
    • Audio feedback with adjustable volume control, through built-in speaker or included headset
    • Operating frequency: 6.6khz.
    • Requires two 9-volt batteries (not included)
    • Includes BONUS: sand-sifting scoop, headset and durable carrying case
    • Material: Aluminum, Acrylic, ABS

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